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What's Next?

It's been such a long time since I've been on here since we've been doing some upgrades around the house and the internet here was temporally down for whatever reason? Gradin, our new baby(Andy and I) is due the 22 of this month, but will be bornn before that)

I went to the OB again today for the usual high risk check up with my diabetes and all, I know Mike used to post about my sugars until I asked him to stop. Well in that area things have been pretty good! I've only had to go to the hospital one time since last January when Andy and I started dating so that's a plus and a major postive showing less stress and things like that on my part, right!?!

I had to go to the hospital for pain,pressure, and elevated blood pressure on Monday in the middle of my work day, which was kinda imbarassing for me, since I was joking when I first got to work about that I was so ready to have the baby and then I ended up over at UC hooked up to the monitors with contractions every so often, but at least my blood pressure went down! My doctor was telling me my uric acid level is up to a 5 and what that means is that my kidneys are on their way to failing. She said once it gets to 8 my kidneys will be failing and that's when they decide due to the protocol to take babies from diabetic mothers. I remember that happeneing with Tyler, but it wasn't as bad the first time around. It's just scary to think about since Tyler already only has me and that would leave Gradin in a similar spot and to a major degree and point I can relate to how Mike felt when he knew what his fate was. But like Mike, I'm gonna fight and do everything I can after Gradin gets here to be here for my children and watch and help them grow into the men they should become with my help and support!

I'm gonna be a mom that is similar to Debbie, since I appreciate the way Mike turned out and give Tyler and Gradin extra attention when it is needed and an extra push in the back to make them keep moving with good intentions at heart. Andy, turned out good too! He's very helpful and great with Tyler! Tyler told me and Debbie last night that we culdn't play Mario Galaxy on the WII since we were girls and didn't know how to play, that only him and Andy since they were boys understood how to play. I swear sometimes the things that come out of his little mouth are....well you get what I'm saying!

I find out later today what my uric acid level is and if it's not in by then I call in the morning to see if Mr. Gradin will be born then. Right now it seems like a waiting game, but I just want both him and I to be healthy for the delivery and after.

I'll keep everyone updated! REMEMBER THE GOLF OUTING! FUNFUNFUN!!!!!!!!!! FOOD,FUN,AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Hauenstein



Best of luck Ann! I've been thinking about you and the new arrival a lot lately! I changed my cell phone number (812) 532-9444.Call me if you need anything at all...

Amy and Brandon Kelly

October 2011

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