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Time keeps going by.....

Today is one of those days that you seem to think about the things that just keep happening in your life. I remember growing up and moving and asking questions that seemed so important to me at the time, but know seem to be meer questions that I would never want or imagine of asking. I remember calling my grandma every day to tell about the things that happened and now I can't do that since she's passed and is in a better place. I remember wanting to know what my dad thought of me since he passed when I was a mer 6-years old. I remember not being allowed to talk to my other grandma and grandpa since there was conflict between them and my mom. I remember not wanting to remember much of my childhood, which in all honesty I don't for whatever reason behind everything that was going on then. As the time keeps going on I still at times don't remember much of what I should remember. But to say the least I grew up and now remember what I need to. I remember the pasted years of middle school on and the things I learned that have helped me become a better person. I love the memories of car shows, I love the memories of events that have helped shape lives. I know what I am writting about and that at this moment is good enough for me. I'm 27-years old now and still feel like I should only be 20. But that's not how life is or how the time clock is running. When you are young you tell your parents I can't wait until I grow up, but when you are grown up you want the time back you can never get you know?????

I wouldn't change anything in my life for the simple fact I cherish everything I have and am honestly thakful for everything I have had the chance to encounter with these pasted 27-years! I miss all the good times, but am looking forward to all the soon to bes! I can't wait to see what my future has in store for me. I am looking forward to the things GOD has in store for me and my family!

Right now I am so blessed to have the family I have! I am so blessed to have the children I have! With them everyday is a blessing and with the hardships of the pasted and the ones that are sure to come in the future that is life and one day at a time is good enough for me today.

It's strange how people can say things that are so hurtful to you, but until they have walked in your shoes they have nothing to say you know. Life is just that, it's life and it makes us who we are. I'm still learning from my mistakes. but atleast I don't look at everything I've done as a mistake I just keep learning and with time on some will just keep getting better at not doing the same things over and over again.





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Amy Kelly

October 2011

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