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Today was so far a GREAT DAY!!!!! Tyler, Gradin, and I went to Newport Aqaurium and had a great time! Tyler runs through it every time we go and honestly couldn't tell you a thing about the place, but that's okay! We had fun! Gradin smiled at the fish and coooed at everything Ty and I showed him! Afterwards its a ritual to go into Coldstone and get smoothies or milkshakes. Tyler likes to ask for chocalate/ vanilla mixed together milkshakes! So today he got a white chocalate milkshake!

So far I think I'm doing a GREAT job with Tyler and with Andy, who isn't his real dad, he honestly is doing a GREAT job as the person who is his dad. Mike would be happy he has someone like that to show him things and share things with him. No one understands except me what it's like to be in my situation except people who have lost their spouse and try to continue raiseing their child/ children the best they can....and by george I think we are doing a FABULOUS job!

I think about stuff all the time and at times I cry and at times I'm so happy it seems ridiculous! But all in all I wouldn't change my life at all. I've been living and that's what Mike would've want me and everyone else to do. On the other hand it's hard for me to fathum what Debbie, Tom, and Sara have experienced as a mother, father, and sister? I can't put myself in their shoes and honeslty wouldn't want them to have gone through what I went through and at times still am you know????

I still cherish every memory I have and talk to Debbie about some of the things she never knew. I want to tell her mor, but sometimes things are better never shared and kept as a memory for that person!There will be things I share with my family or friends, but then there will be things I do talk about and those will be things people should know...

With this said, I want everone to know I am happy and love my life today, as much as I loved my life then and still do cherish the things I dealt.

Wishing more happy days to come! And as I will cherish every minute I have now! I start school again in August and in two years I'll have my RN and will work with eith kids or cancer patients! I can't wait!

Ann Hauenstein



Pediatric Oncology

Hi Ann -

I was a medical assistant at the Taft office and knew Mike, you and Tyler then. I periodically check this page for updates. I wanted to let you know that I am now working on the Hematology/Oncology Unit at Cincinnati Children's. It sounds like something you may be interested in? I COMPLETELY love it and I lost my dad to a terrible case of colon cancer (diagnosed on 2/26/07 and died on 5/10/07) two months before I started there. It's what I've always wanted to do and now I am doing it! It is amazing, really! And, while it might hit close to home from time to time, it's really great to have had the experience you had and I had in dealing with cancer on a very personal level. It almost gives you an extra "in" with the families and stuff - not that you tell every family that you've had someone die, but you totally understand what they're going through and it makes it so great. So.... when you get your RN, call me if you're interested in working at Children's. Don't worry that I won't know who you are - I will, even two years down the road. Even if you don't call, at least update on here that you put in your application (best to apply in January/February before you graduate) and I'll tell them to watch out for you.

I'm glad you're doing well!
Melissa Orban


Re: Pediatric Oncology

Of course I remember you! I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you and your family are doing okay and are dealing as best as can be expected! I know I want to work in Oncology or Tele. I don't know yet though, we'll see! How are you? How is everyone at OHC? Do you ever talk to anyof them? My schedule is pretty busy, when I get some free time, I'll try to get in touch! I start school again soon and will be even busier then so...But it was great hearing from you! Talk to you soon!


Hey, Debbie!!!

It's Melissa Orban - I got your phone message, but then, it got erased, along with your phone number. I've been on vacation and couldn't post anything here until now.

Anyway, since I work nights at Children's, could you email me and we'll get everything straightened out that way? If so, I am at morban28@hotmail.com or Melissa.Orban@cchmc.org.

Once you email me, I'll give you my home address and everything so you can send me the shirt. And, PLEASE let me know how much I owe you for it and for shipping, okay? I am so excited to have one!!!



Happy for you!

Ann, I am so happy to hear that you and your family are doing well! I know exactly what you mean about people being nosy and telling you what you should do with your life - Jeff and I have been together 7 years and have just never gotten around to getting married. Well, recently, we found out that we're expecting! His family is really excited and I guess mine is too, but my family keeps pushing us to get married. Right now, I couldn't imagine planning a wedding - I am studying for my master's exam and fighting morning sickness!

Anyway, I wish you the best!
Take care,


Re: Happy for you!

First off I want to say congrats! Babies are miracles in their own way! Sometimes they are planned how everyone wants, but then again people don't ask to get sick. No matter what people do to prevent or not prevent, things happen and they are all blessings not mistakes, just sideroads to travel and grow from. I love my family and couldn't ask for anything better! What every happens you and Jeff need to be comfortable maybe after you get your masters, after the baby, do what works best for you, not just because what things people think. You are a very bright young woman who almost has a master degree. Your baby most likey will come out speaking Spanish! Just take care of yourself and enjoy every moment for what its worth!

Best of luck and Baby wishes!
Ann and the Family!

October 2011

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