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Long time!!!

So many things have been happening since the last time I posted on here. I can't believe it's already October!!! I get happy and then things just seem to happen and make me think about the past? That's part of life though. I'm in school and am waiting to see if I got accepted into the RN program at Miami. Please pray! I want this soooooooo badly! I have been working and going to school so what's new with my life not too much except Gradin teething, growing, and getting big! Tyler is getting sooooo big too, and that includes his little mouth! LOL!!! He's so hyper sometimes! He's so smart and can argue with you like an adult and I'll just not know what to say to him at times! :). I love my kids though! Me personally. I'm happy but at times I feel broken and I can't really explain it but I just don't feel complete and that's bad to say at times. I'm okay though I know it's part of healing and getting through things. Andy is very supportive, it's just hard to talk. Not so much to him, I just don't talk about my feelings to much of anyone, never really have though so nothings different with that. Debbie and Tom are on vacation, they really deserve it! Email Tom's dad, Mike's grandpa passed away at the start of September and then afew days later Brian, the other guy in Ohio that had Mike's cancer passed away after winning his battle! When I saw him I snapped inside. He looked like Mike and it was like I was there all over again! I surely don't want to go to another funeral anytime soon. It was good going there though. I got to meet Brians wife, mom, dad, and brother. I had heard so much about these people and finally got the chance to met them in person. I just felt bad since I was suppoesed to go up the week before he passed but I was sick and didn't want to get him sick since he was already dealing with his low counts and all. Well I really need to get back to my paper so I'm gonna get going. I'll write again later!
Ann H.


October 2011

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