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missing you, but it's okay to...

Missing you walk by me with you cain or stroll by on your walker,
Missing your talks,
Missing your thoughts,
Missing your company,
Sometimes I wonder why a person can think about someone not here, the reson is you were my best friend and were supposed to be here until the very end,
I wonder why things happen the way they do,
It all intierly makes me a stronger person all because of you!
I'm starting to find myself and discover new things,
I still get upset and yell at the little things, damn when will I get that shit straight?
I moved on in several ways not too many will ever agree, but I know what you wanted best in your heart for me!
I miss you like crazy, I miss you like hell!
I still wish I had my best frined around to joke with a worry about him as well.
Instead GOD sent you a message to go up above,
He let you give me a second chance at finding love!
Thank you for your offers and all the little things I know you still do!
Thank you for being so compassionate and still watching down!
My sugars are much better!
My kidneys are still the same,
My heart however still misses you; but I love you all the same!
Even though I have moved on withthat part of my life you see; I still have a huge heart to share!
Andy makes me feel like a complete instead of empty and crying with dispare.
I love the things you shared with me, and everything you taught me to do!
I appreciate everything you did for our son! And now he wants to know,
He wants to know why GOD doesn't share, why he can't talk to you;
He wants to know so many things, and you know what I tell him everything that I know!
I tell him GOD needs you more up there and one day he'll see your face! He wants to know if itll be next week, and with a broken heart I fined a way to tell him no,
Tylr will be a man like you, with a heart so full of GOLD!
He'll make a special husband to a fine young lady and help her find her soul!
Everyone should expereince what I did, not in these exact terms; but to know what is important and be able to spread my wings and sore,
Sore in ways to explore what GOD has laid down my path, figure out life journey , and not let a moment try to hold me down.
I miss you and at the same time thank you for everything you gave me to grow!



wow ann what a tear jerker that made me tear up that was so sweet!


Thanks Ann....

I often believe that only another young widow can every truely understand a post like that. I sat here and wept because I know those words and feelings....as they too are mine. I think at two years, I shouldn't miss Chris so much---and some days I miss him more than ever. People don't really want to hear it anymore....they move on. I know you are living your 'new life' but I know how much you love Mike----and I know how hard that is for others to understand. Thinking of you. Michelle

October 2011

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