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Two years

I can't believe it has been two years. It still seems like only yesterday. So much has happened - Tyler will be 5 this year! September was not a good month with Tom's dad (Mike's grandfather) passing on Sept. 5, followed by our neighbor and then my aunt. We went on a vacation the end of September, but came back to same old, same old. Last week we learned of another tragedy that hit pretty close to home.

None of this compares to losing Mike. I wish he could see Tyler, he would be so proud. He acts so much like his daddy - kind of on the wild side for an almost 5 year old, but he is a boy, and they want to run, explore, and try everything.

Tom & I spent Monday, the anniversary of Mike's death, cleaning his garden and putting away the stoneware, etc. Tyler was here and he and his friend, Jack, were playing in the yard. I gave them a juice box and they were sitting on the bench when all of a sudden Tyler said, "Jack, sometimes people just have to go to heaven". He is starting to ask questions, wanting to know when his daddy will come back from heaven.

Sara has moved into her own apartment and seems to like it. Her roommate, Stephanie, is also a horse lover so they get along great.

Life moves on, Ann is going to school and working at Christ. She and Andy have a beautiful baby boy, Gradin, and Tyler loves is little brother. Of course, Gradin laughs out loud every time he sees Tyler.

My nephews and sister put two balloons at the cemetery for Mike, my mom & dad have placed new flowers, and Tom, Sara and I took an angel. Ann & Tyler had placed two small pumpkins out there, but something took the smaller one and ate half the bigger one!

Mike's garden is sleeping for the winter, but I look forward to next spring when everything will be in bloom again. For now, we can see the squirrels and chipmunks playing.

I have so many wonderful friends and families who still think of us and still send cards, or just call to let us know that they care. We appreciate this more than you will ever know. Mike is gone, but we don't want him to be forgotten, so anytime someone mentions him or tells us they are thinking of us, we are so grateful.

We will continue to honor Mike by holding events in his name for organizations he had interest in. The 3rd Annual Mike Hauenstein Golf Outing will be held May 3, 2009 at Fairfield Greens. Please save the date - even if you don't golf, you can join us for a cookout and raffle.

Thanks for thinking of us,




It's amazing how a 5 year old can be so intuitive. I know Alyssa always asks about Mike and her Godfather who passed away as well. She says she knows they are in Heaven and she always tells me "God needed them more than us, right mommy?" Because this is what I tell her. She prays for Mike every night that she prays and tells God to take good care of him. I know we miss Mike dearly and think of him often. I am going to see if I can convince Phil to come back to visit Ohio with me and hopefully we can make it to the golf outing. Alyssa mentions Tyler, she loved playing with him when we were out there last. We miss everyone so much! I keep you guys in my prayers!
With Love,
Amber Dominguez

October 2011

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