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Happy 30th Birthday

Today, April 2, would have been Mike's 30th birthday. I keep thinking about all the fun we could have had teasing him that he is now "over the hill". I guess in a way he is "way over the hill" - he is in heaven. I am thankful that he is painfree and with God, but I still miss him very much. I think of him every day, of course, but holidays and birthdays always make it harder.

The forecast is for good weather and I am going to continue my tradition of working in his memory garden on his birthday, cleaning up all the leaves and twigs, and bringing out the statues and rocks. I was in the garden today and so much is starting to come up again - in the spring life is renewed.

Tyler is doing fine - sporting a black eye from a collision with a table at day care. He is taking tai kwon do and is doing ok, hard for him to listen for an hour! He is so smart - last week at my nephew Andrew's birthday party he was eating chocolate ice cream cake and said "this is the best energetic junk food I've ever had!".

Sara has adopted a cute little dog named Charlene, looks a lot like our old dog Lucky, just smaller. She is still considering a move to Florida - does not like the cold at all!

The 3rd annual Mike Hauenstein Memorial Golf Scramble will be held Sunday, May 2. We are looking for teams and sponsors. Call or email me for for details. (360-3273 or luckydog73@hotmail.com)

Also, from april 26 through May 2 anyone eating at the RiverBank Cafe in Hamilton who mentions the golf outing will get 20% of their bill donated to the golf outing! Thank you Dennis & Robin!

Tom's band, WaterStreet will be at the RiverBank on May 2, so we have a ready-made audience for those donations! Also, WaterStreet will be at Bridgewater Falls on April 25 from 6-8 for a cancer society fundraiser.

Ann is continuing her schooling to get her RN/BSN. She is still at Christ Hospital also. She never sits still!

Life moves on - it was over 5 years ago that Mike was diagnosed, December 2003. It seems like yesterday, and it seems like forever. It is hard to believe that he has been gone 2 1/2 years. I am grateful that I get to see his friends who are helping with the golf outing, and just the other day I ran into some other friends of Mike's, Chris & Desiree, who are expecting a baby girl!

Again, happy 30th birthday, Mike. I hope you get to have all the cake and ice cream you want up there in heaven!




Thank you for your updates. We are still out here, and we have not forgotten.

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