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Wow I can't beleive he would be 30! Either that means he would be getting old or I'm just really feeling old! Some times I think about things and just wonder for what seems like forever why things happened and at the end no matter how mad or upset or even undesisive I was when I started thinking about whatever it was I still end up with the same conclusion...happy, content, and just knowing things happen for whatever reason it was that GOD thought it should happen that way.

Mike was more then an amazing father, friend, companion, son, brother, grandson, and the list goes on! We had so many good times and the stupid things we'd do or the things one of us would say! If half of you only knew!

Mike was a compassionate person who loved everyone and he always had hope for those who lacked that in themselves! He was always there ready for whatever was next! I miss that! Last night I was crying just because I wanted to talk to him and it's times like that I get upset. But I can't change what has happened.

I wonder what kind of birthday parties GOD has for you? If it were up to Mike he'd have Frishes Big Boys dry with ketchup or a pizza from just about anywhere with a Dr Pepper or glass of milk or water! He liked Dr Pepper better then coke and rightly so! It just taste better!

Tyler is doing great! Other then being dx with ADHD and is hyper as all get out his still me lil man! He's learning about the letter O in school this week! He was telling me that in just 3 weeks he gets to learn about the letter P and have a PJ party and can't wait! He's so smart just like any man though he wants what ever is on his mind at that time! HAHAHAHA!!! I still can't belevie he's 5! He tells me all the time he'll be 5 1/2 and he'll be in Kindergarten then! I asked him if he wants a summer party since thats what people are saying he should have and rightly so in his defence it wasn't his fault he was born on Christmas! But he wants a birthday close to his birthday becuase he wants more toys at the same time! I mean he's smart! He is a man who knows what he wants! I'm so blessed to have a man like him! I love my baby! And that's what he'll always be! Everytime I cut his toe nails and fingernails it's strange, but I feel like I'm holding Mike's hand! They look identical! And Tyler even talks like him. By that those of you who knew him knew how at times he woulod talk lower and make the puppy dog face to get things and sure enough Ty does it too! Strange how two people can be so much alike! Mike would be so proud of him!

As for me, I'm still one of the most busy people I've met! My family is all the same, I have a beautiful new lil guy, Gradin and a boyfriend Mike would approve of! He's great with the boys and has a great family I love dearly just like Mike's mom, dad, and sister! I's strange how things can happen and seem like a curse but at the same time be a blessing undercover you know? I'm so thankful to still talk to some of the folks Mike and I were friends with! Chris and Chas had another beautiful baby boy, Michael. Chris and Desiree are abot to have their forst in May! I run into Mike and Allison every once in a blue moon they now have another baby who really is a toddler at two!

I hope for a beautful day and am looking forward to our cake later today! This year maybe we'll have cupcakes!

III!!!!!!!!! Still Loving you and knowing you're better Mr Jefferson!!! Keep watching over me and since you were the brain in this pair please ask GOD to give me the insight I need for my CHM class, PLEASE!!!!


October 2011

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