3rd anniversary

Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Mike's passing. I felt it from the time I got up. Tom and I have just returned from an extended vacation,(with my sister Darlene and her husband Bill) and I was sick all weekend. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but it has really hit me hard this year. I talked with a friend who also lost her son and she said the third year was when it hit her the hardest.
Tom and I put away the garden statues to get it ready for winter, which is our tradition for this date. We bring them out again on Mike's birthday in April. After Sara got off work, we went to the cemetery and wrote messages on white and gold balloons and let them go. they went so high so quickly, it was sunset and the sun was reflecting off them as they went so they were visible for a long time. then we went to dinner to celebrate Mike.

Ty is getting so big and is so smart. You never know what he might say (just like his mom), but in so many ways he is like his daddy. He definitely has his daddy's big heart, as he worries about his mom. Last year he was "Mario" for halloween, this year he wants to be "Fire Mario" (Wii Game). Ty is now an "eel" at swimming, which he really enjoys

Sara has to have back surgery in January. She has had back problems for a while and they are going to do an outpatient procedure and remove/replace a disk and fuse it with another. She is not looking forward to the surgery, but is looking forward to the relief it will give her. She has a little dog, Ivy, who is very cute, but very scared. She was rescued from a puppy mill and has a long way to go to trust humans.

Ann is working and going to school to get her BSN. It is so hard for her, but she knows it will give her and the boys security for the future. We are proud of her for thinking ahead and going after what she wants.

Tom is enjoying retirement, but is working one day a week for a contractor - at Ford. He is still in a band - now called TimeLine.

James and Kristin (James is Mike's friend who created this website) just had a baby boy! Mike would be very happy for them, as he would for his other friends who have had babies this year: Chris and Chasity, Chris and Desiree, Crystal - and Mark and Amy are due next year. His cousin Robbie got married, his cousin Mandy is engaged, his cousin Amy and her husband and his cousin Brian and his wife had babies. His friends B and Christy's little guy, Landon, is getting big, as is Nicolas, son of Dustin and Jessie (saw them all at the Hospice Hike) His friends Jason and Shannon are getting married (bout time!). His cousin Danny and his wife had a baby last year. His cousin Andrew made the freshman soccer team at Fairfield and his cousin Matt made the middle school golf team.

Speaking of golf, we had a great year at the 3rd annual Mike Hauenstein Memorial Golf Scramble and raised $7,000 - split between Hospice and American Cancer Society. We also had the 2nd annual horse show and doubled our donations from last year to $1200. Save the date for next year's golf outing - Sunday, May 2, 2010.

Life moves on - We miss you Mike!

Take care,


October 2011

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