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Just thinking

Today is a special day! It's Debbie, Mike's moms birthday! and tomorrow it will be my 29th! WOW, the years have flown by! I was just thinking how through these past few years I have learned so much. I have learned the importance of family, even if they are not your blood! The importance of talking about your feelings, even though I seem to most likely sound like I'm complaining I'm really not. I have a hard time talking sometimes, even if you know me to the point I talk all the time. Sometimes as a defense technique, I talk about something else I make sound so important when in its intitetiy its not. (please excuse my spelling!)

I love my family! I love Mike's family, ehich is so close to being mine! I love my friends who have stood by me over these past 3+ years to let me know its okay to move forward! It's okay to explore life, even though I seem to dwell on school and the worries of Tyler. Ty is perfectly healthy he just has his times, like any 6 yr old. I worry just as much for his little brother! Now I worry about Andy. I just want everyone to live and be happy. I wish I was done with school so I could spend more time with my family, one day soon enough I'll be there! I will be graduating with an Associates of Arts in Social Science this May! Next May I will be graduating with my RN and the May following I will be graduating with my BSN hopefully! Maybe 'll continue to go part time to get my Masters! That's a dream adn what is life without hopes and dreams?!?!?!?!?!

I am so proud of Tyler! He's so smart! He ask me questions about things a typical 6 yr old never thinks of! This morning at breakfast he was telling me how much he loved his grandpa Great, Tom's dad who pasted away almost a year ago this Sep. Emil was a great man! He loved his family! He had a heart of GOLD!!! He was dealing with Colon Cancer. He was Dx right after Mike was Dx with his Cancer. GOD bless Tom and his sister and brother for losing him! He was a bright smile and a tender conversation!

I was just thinking and wanted to write a catch up!
Have a blessed day!
Ann Hauenstein!!!!!!

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