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Wow time sure has flown by.....

Today I woke up with, what I suppose you could call a lump in my throat. For what ever the reason may be the more time goes by, the more I seem to miss Mike! I guess when you watch a loved one go through some of the same things I watched Mike deal with it somewhat prepares you for what life has in store for you. I'm not by any means saying I don't cherish my life I have right now. I have a GREAT family! I have a mom, dad, and sister who aren't mime by blood, but in other means were in a way brought to me like Mike and I were brought together. I feels weird writing things like this from time to time. I know they are feelings and I know it's good to express how you feel or you'd end up going down a creek with no paddle litterally getting stuck in a bush per say..

Today, eight years ago Mike and I got married at St. Marks United Methodist Church. We had a beautiful wedding with a FULL church! The weather I can still remember being so hot and the air not being turned on. I remember yelling and using a few choice words! It ended up being a great night even though I really think I was ready to be done with the night before the pictures were done being taken! I still have so many pictures! Some of which Debbie and Tom were "cutting the rug" so to speak!

Seven-years ago today I remember eating our wedding cake, being 3-months pregnant with Tyler! And when I look at him! He may do some silly things, but honestly he's such a smart, talented, young man! He has a heart of gold just like his daddy did! His hands, feet, and so many more things remind me of Mike and I thank GOD every day I was able to have a blessing like him! He and the rest of the family help me see just how important it is to be thankful for what you have. Yeah it's okay to worry, heck who doesn't? But when you know you have people you can count on, life is good!

So much has changed over the past few years. People have grown, gone their own ways, and started families. I'm glad people have gone on their ways to find where they and their families are supposed to be and what plans are in store for them. I truely still believe everything has happened for a reason and I would do every bit of it all over again! I learned so much and with having gone through that path in my life I know what GOD had in store for me! Mike would be so proud of me just like his family is for being in the Nursing Program at Miami! I have 10 more months, 2 semesters until I get my RN and 12-18 months until I have my BSN! I am looking forward to being an Oncology Nurse, but time will tell!

Life is good! I am so thankful for all my friends who remembered today! I was able to spend a good portion of the day with Crystal and her ADORABLE!!!! little girl Cora! I enjoy those times! Tyler is at Daycare having an ice cream social today, so by no means could I keep him from the "ice cream"! And Gradin my little guy has to be every where is brother is! They just adore each other!Debbie texted me earlier to say she was thinking about me. It was nice! I'm always here when they need me and no matter what their always there for me! I swear, I am blessed considering the circumstances! Truely Blessed!

Hopefully it won't take so long for me to get on here the next time!
Ann Hauenstein

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