livstrong (livstrong) wrote,

Website up and running

Hi everyone
I don't know why, but Mike's website is up and running again! We just finished the 5th Annual Mike Hauenstein Memorial Golf Scramble on May 1 and totaled approximately $6,000 in donations for Hospice of Hamilton and Butler County American Cancer Society. It stopped raining when the golf started, and started raining when it ended (did you have anything to do with that, Mike?). It was a bittersweet day - we miss Mike so much still, but what a celebration of his life that so many would come and donate in his name!
Dear friends of ours have just lost their 23 year old son, and our hearts are broken for them. We know what is to come, and we know that they will never be the same. You get through it, but are changed forever. It is a sorrow that no parent should have to endure. Please pray for them.

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