December 14th, 2009


When you're trying to think,
When you're trying to move forward;
Sometimes the contents go further and you're abiliy to conceptulize what you are doing gets hazy and dreer,

What do I do?
What can I say?
What must I do to make all this nonsense trickle away?

How do I get past these next few years, without a sense of accomplishment ever near?
What do I sy to those who know I can? What about those who say I should think about my kids?

It's not that I don't, It's more about how I do...
It's more about the differeance I know I can get through this with a high five or "I told you you could get through this too..."

When does it get easy?
When will it slow down?

I try so hard to get things done, but it never seems to be enough in the "now".
All I want is a little more help, not from those who give it, but from the ones who should.

Time does fly by so fast, I still can remember those last minutes, just like they were today. I remember June 6 2000, I remember October 31 2009! These are such special days to me! And I suppose I will only alway know why,
But with so much going on with school, why do so many people have to ask me why?

Things happen for a reason, things come and they go,

People change how they view whats important, how we dress, and certainly how we grow!!!
People are all so different, People are never the same! People need to understand, "you" are you" and I know that will never change!

Writting this is making me feel better! It makes me see my life! How I interupt this is how I take my flight! I move onto the futire! I see brighter things to come! One day, I'll get out of here! and see what my carrer and family will have to come!

I see a better job! With a way to pay the bills! Not that they aren't getting paid, All I mean is that it'll be easier and less things to deal. This is just the stress that comes with motherhood! It's part of being in a relationship, and planning for what's to come.

I honeslty wouldn't change my life, just wish it was simplier! But how would that make me who I am! I'm a challange! and so paticular! I want nothing but the best! and I'll make sure my family has everything! I want to graduate! so what maybe I'll be in my 30's! Life has taken me up roads I'm glad I traveled! I would do it all again!

I have learned what love can do! and how it can help you grow! Love is one of those things a huge heart will let grow! You learn to give! You learn to accept! With the past gone and the future to come!

I can't say enough, I love my life every day! I know I can get upset, yell, and be somewhat rude, but people who can tell the truth are the ones who let their colors show! To hide so much and hesitate to let it out, is a mere insercurity. Talk to your family, and let the past with forgivness become a remedy!
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